Pellini Caffè: confirmed the maximum level recognition of  product safety and quality.

The only Italian full-cycle coffee roastery to be assigned the highest level of BRC
standard, and one amongst only six worldwide.

Verona, 23rd December 2020 – BRC (Brand Reputation through Compliance) awarded Pellini
Caffè, Italian company leader in coffee production and trading, with the standard AA+.
BRC’s certification is the chief global safety standard for agri-food products; and AA+ is BRC’s
highest standard.
Pellini Caffè is amongst only six other full-cycle coffee roasteries who can claim the highest BRC
level worldwide; and the only one in Italy.
Further, Pellini Caffè once again scored “Higher” in IFS (International Food Standard), the
corresponding certification for the German-French market. The Standard was developed by the
German Federation of Distributors in cooperation with the Fédération des Entreprises du
Commerce et de la Distribution Francaise.
Both certifications were awarded after an unannounced inspection, meaning there was no prior
communication between the inspectors and Pellini Caffè’s headquarters in Bussolengo (VR).
These unannounced inspections are the most effective in verifying the conformity of production,
with respect to official documentation. They are also prerequisites for entering the most qualified
European distribution chains.
These assessments also renewed Pellini Caffè’s ISO 9001:2015 certification.
Marco Pellini, CEO of Pellini Caffè, states: “We are extremely proud of the confirmation of these
prestigious standards. What makes us even prouder is the reasons behind the awarding. The
inspectors have underlined our personnel’s competency and commitment to quality, the extreme
automation of productive processes, the thorough control and correct procedure throughout the
processing chain, as well as the utmost order and cleanliness of the spaces.
Since its founding, Pellini Caffè has been attentive to every detail. It is this attention to particulars
that makes us unmistakable and allows us to deliver to our customers the highest-quality products,
through a careful selection, from raw materials to the final product, and of the personnel and
technologies that make this process possible, with the support of cutting-edge informatization.
These are continuous investments to grant the customer an ever higher standard and a top-quality


Pellini Caffè Spa
Pellini Caffè is an historical Italian coffee roastery funded in 1922 by the Pellini family, who still
control it today. A brand which is distinctive and a synonym of high specialisation, in the coffee
industry. A company who has grown investing in quality and satisfying millions of customers.

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