Possible delay  in the New Year days  (December 10 - January 15 ) 24 hrs.

You will receive your order throughout  GEORGIA :

Tbilisi : within 1-3 working days after purchase, depending on the delivery service you choose.

Region : within 2-7 working days.

Tariff list:

With Cost :

Region/Tbilisi : All Rates will be quoted by our carrier at checkout

Without Cost:

      Tbilisi : Pick up -Free  (#98 Z.Paliashvili Str., Tbilisi GE 0162. store Coffee Mall ) Working hours 11:00 -20:00 every day (except big holidays)

     Tbilisi : Free delivery   (2-5 working days) - for purchases above 199 GEL

In order to receive the order smoothly, it is necessary to fill in the requested information accurately and completely during registration.

If the order cannot be delivered due to the absence or incorrect/incomplete address at the address specified in the order, the order will be considered as delivered and the money will not be refunded. In such a case, you can request the order yourself at the following address:

~ Orders made from within Tbilisi will be returned to #98 Z.Paliashvili Str. Tbilisi GE 0162. COFFEE MALL. working hours 11:00 - 20:00 daily (except grand holidays). During a pickup, it is necessary to have an ID and order number. 

        ~ Orders made from other regions will be returned to a courier company office. The address of a courier company office and terms of keeping order will be indicated on a special card that will be left at your address.  During a pickup from a courier company office, it is necessary to have an ID and order number. 
In case you do not pick up an order from a courier company office within a time period indicated on the special card, the order will be sent back to Tbilisi (#98 Z.Paliashvili Str. Tbilisi GE 0162., COFFEE MALL). you can pick up your order from 11:30 to 19:30 daily (except grand holidays).  During a pickup, it is necessary to have an ID and order number. 
If the order is not delivered correspondingly to the chosen service or/and there is no special card at an address, please e-mail us at
Please note that the courier is not obliged to in advance contact the phone number indicated in the order. For this reason, you should indicate the valid address, where the courier will be able to deliver without prior arrangement.
Please also note that in case you indicate an incomplete address, an order will be stored and will not be sent until you indicate the valid address. In such cases, we will contact you via e-mail or your indicated phone number.
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