Return and change:

The product can be returned or changed only if the product features do not match the description on the site and its visual side. The product can be changed or returned within 3 calendar days of purchase. When returning / changing the product, the product must be accompanied by all the accompanying parts and documents handed over at the time of purchase (invoice, proof of payment, invoice, etc.). All labels must also be accompanied. If there is any change in the product and the accompanying parts / documents of the product, we reserve the right to question its authenticity and, consequently, to suspend the product return procedure until the examination and diagnostic work is carried out, which may last no more than 10 working days. Based on the results of the examination and diagnosis, we have the right to continue or terminate the procedure for returning / changing the product (s). The online store will not return or change the product in case you no longer like the item, no longer consider it necessary to own it, does not live up to your expectations and for other similar reasons. Upon return, the amount will be reflected in your account within 15 calendar days

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