Pellini UIK Decaffeinato Coffee beans -500g

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  • The Pellini Decaffeinato beans in 500g bag is an ideal blend of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta coffees from the best growing areas of South America and Central America. It is medium-bodied roasted, with a good crema and almost without caffeine (0.1%).
  • The taste it is mild and aromatic. Due to the 20% Robusta share and resutierenden it "length" and the perfect blend and roast it is both ideal for the preparation of cappuccino, as well as espresso and café crème.
  • The Pellini Decaffeinato is fully automatic and, if you have a coffee grinder, ideal for the preparation of coffee and coffee drinks in coffee in the portafilter machine, the espresso maker and in the French press.