Jacobs Tassimo Caffe Crema Classico XL

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With the practical XL cup size you can savor the delicious taste of Jacobs Caffè Crema even longer. Experience the rich taste and velvety golden Crema of Jacobs Caffè Crema classico XL.

1 drink = 215ml


The beginning of Jacobs can be traced way back to the late 1800s. In 1895 the 26 year old German Johan Jacobs opened a coffee shop in Bremen, serving high quality coffee, cocoa and tea. Our combined passion for coffee and people resulted in an extensive range of coffee pods to enjoy. Try Jacobs Café Crema Classico for Americano experience or Jacobs Krönung for a filter like taste. For the milky coffee lovers TASSIMO also has wide variety of Jacobs latte macchiatos and cappuccinos to choose from.