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 A smooth and sweet blend that is as warm and welcoming as lush Colombia. Citrus fruit notes give way to complexity at the core and an elegant aftertaste.


 A blend as warm and welcoming as a Colombian sunrise, delicately crafted with the best Arabica coffee beans. The spirit of the Colombian landscape is of mystical freedom, where generosity and openness grow with ease.


It has been artfully blended using all the senses, for a deliciously deep taste experience. Just like Colombia, it stays with you long after it has been enjoyed. Best to drink in the morning on a warm day – or all day if you please.


 Sweet and smooth,  citrus fruit notes



 This smooth and sweet blend captures that warmth with its citrus fruit notes, complexity at the core, tangy and elegant velvety aftertaste.

 Smooth & sweet blend, notes of citrus fruit.


  • Smooth
  • Sweet
  • Fruity