Lattissima One Shadow Black Delonghi

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The new Lattissima One is for those in search of a milky treat, at the touch of a single button. With three milk and coffee recipes, whether Cappuccinos, Lattes or Espresso Macchiatos, it’s as simple as fill, froth, enjoy. Simply fill the milk jug with the amount you prefer and the machine will froth the milk directly into your cup. For even more simplicity, the jug has a detachable lid, so you can easily refill it between preparations. And of course, it is dishwasher resistant. Because life should be about simple pleasures. We could also mention the compact design, chrome lever, subtle gloss and matte line patterns. Or how the machine is made with 30% recycled plastic*, and it's 100% recyclable packaging. For a one-of-a-kind fit in your kitchen, and in your life. With or without milk, it can be coffee, or frothy. As you like it.