Confessa Intenso Blend

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A flavorsome blend of 50% premium Arabica and 50% wonderful velvety Robusta, with intense shades of cocoa, chocolate, and spices. Intenso is a mixture with a high content and rich taste of caffeine. Perfect for waking up in the morning.



Quality: highest/premium AA/AAA, Gr.1, Supremo, Ny2;
Weight: 250 g.
Roasting degree – medium;
Humidity – not more than 3%;
Perfect for making espresso;
Packaging: matte, side crease, with a valve (Wico Valves);


Confessa Intenso Blend Coffee taste description


Aroma Intencity                        6

Roasted and Nuts     7

Body and Cream       8

Aroma Persistence   6

Flowers and Fruits    3

Acidity                         2

Bitterness                   6

Sweetness                  4