Confessa Granbar Blend

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Fine aromatic mixture of 80% Arabica and 20% wonderful velvety Robusta. It has an exquisite flavorsome bloom and creamy taste with floral and fruity notes. The velvety aftertaste captures shades of caramel, nuts, and cocoa. The best varieties of coffee from around the world roasted by Italian masters, according to centuries-old traditions of preserving the quality of a true and unique taste...



Quality: highest/premium AA/AAA, Gr.1, Supremo, Ny2;
Weight: 250 g.
Roasting degree – medium;
Humidity – not more than 3%;
Perfect for making espresso;
Packaging: matte, side crease, with a valve (Wico Valves);

Confessa Granbar Blend Coffee taste description

Aroma Intencity                        6

Roasted and Nuts     6

Body and Cream       7

Aroma Persistence   6

Flowers and Fruits    4

Acidity                         5

Bitterness                    3

Sweetness                   6